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Take advantage of our specialist programs
designed to improve your child's mobility,
coordination, and social skills in a friendly environment.

Our Coaches

Our coaches ensure children progress and develop their physical and social skills in a friendly, safe and encouraging environment. Our aim is to provide as much fun as possible while teaching children to play soccer, help to build their confidence on and off the pitch, and provide engaging activities designed for specific age groups.

We constantly improve our coaching techniques and are up to date with the newest teaching methods. Rafal, our leading coach, has been accredited as: Welfare Officer, Safeguarding Childrens and Adults, Safeguarding Members Committee, FA Criminal Record Check, Enhanced DBS Childrens and Adults, Domestic Abuse Cohort, Children Wellbeing, Coerver Coaching.

Little Stars Training Sessions

This program has been specifically designed for children 3-5 years old and involves lots of physical and multisport activities with soccer elements to develop body balance, coordination, and provide a safe ground for healthy competition and teach fair play rules. We want these activities to be as interesting as possible, so our coaches relate to different aspects of life, history, geography and other common subjects to keep children engaged.

On each training session children are given fruit, vegetable and other nutritious snacks to promote healthy diet and help to develop good eating habits in a day-to-day life. To keep a healthy balance between physical and intellectual development, we sometimes ask children to follow up a task at home, we take trips to park, go to cinema or an aquapark and in general, keep the enthusiasm and fun level high.

Time: 1hr 15min
We provide free water.

Football Academy Sessions

Specifically designed for girls and boys aged 5-14 years old, these training sessions implement Coerver Coaching methods and Arsenal Soccer School techniques. Over the next couple of months of training we will choose children from each age group who will represent our Academy in the FA Berkshire league. We are hoping to field the U7, U9, U10, U11 and U12 team.

Apart from the training sessions, we organise one-day soccer match outings and stadium visits and summer sport camps. During summer we play soccer on different tournaments throughout the UK.

What’s included: 8 Training Sessions
Time: 1hr 30min
We provide free water.   

You can opt for 1 session per week only.

We’d love you to join us!

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